Innovative comfort
Ergonomic innovative chair for active people who care about their health. Designed for your comfort and successful life. The possibility of long-term work while maintaining productivity, vigor and good health.
3D lumbar support
  • Back support regardless of the user's parameters
  • Adjustment by: height, depth, stiffness
Forward center of swing
  • Feet do not come off the floor when deflected
  • Vessels are not pinched, lightness in the legs
  • No risk of tipping over
Seat adjustment «Slider»
  • Provides an ergonomically correct fit
  • Fixation in 5 positions
Аdjustable 4D armrests
  • Adjustment of height, angle of rotation, back and forth, distance between armrests during installation
RUA Seat Angle Adjustment
  • Fixation in 2 positions
  • The negative angle of inclination eliminates the increase in pressure on the arteries, the vessels are not pinched
Absolute ergonomics
The ergonomic shape of the backrest corresponds to the anatomical shape of the body, which helps to maintain the correct position of the body, maintain posture, and most importantly, health. Unique chairs with maximum back support for absolute comfort.
Decorate any interior
The chair is perfect for any space. Classic stylish design, smooth refined lines and a large selection of colors will help you choose exactly the chair that will delight you.