METTA — multinational company that designs, manufactures and distributes ergonomic swivel chairs for over 25 years, making over 10 000 000 people happy. Our passion is to develop most comfortable, ergonomic and durable swivel chairs with great design that can be used in any purpose by anyone thanks to its largest customisation.
Mission of METTA – make everyone’s life more successful and healthy
Manufacturing capacity of over 100 000 pieces a month
Largest assortment with over one billion combinations
Shortest logistic time thanks to “unique multi modular system”
Over 1 000 employees worldwide
Own full-cycle manufacturing process
Unique and innovative swivel chairs
Hassle-free service that gives virtually 0% defects to partners
Great price-quality ratio that allows you to profit
Innovative ergonomics
Concern for the health, comfort and well-being of our customers is at the heart of all our products, designed in accordance with the latest global innovations in orthopedics.
Impeccable quality
All of our products go through rigorous multi-stage quality control and laboratory testing to ensure safety. and durability of its use.
Freedom of choice
The interchangeability and versatility of the components of our products provide unlimited possibilities for selecting a chair for any wishes and needs.
Full cycle manufacturing process
  • Designing of swivel chair with leading orthopedists, product designers and engineers
  • Procurement of raw materials from well-known suppliers to make sure of best quality and durability
  • Manufacturing, bending, casting, chroming, stitching, assembling process
  • Internal quality tests, external quality tests, getting international certificates
  • After sales support for any type of customer, 12-year warranty
Export to 45 countries
1,000+ partners worldwide
High production capacity >1,000,000 certified products a year
Offices and warehouses worldwide